Filters Fast 

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48 hour turn around on most orders!

Larger orders should be discussed before times are promised ! 

Delivering your promise to your customer is Priority. We have plans to help you keep standard sizes ready for you to keep your promise. Stocking a few common sizes is suggested like a couple of each that fit your respected Airhandlers is a good way to keep up and we can make those special ones with in 48 hours!   

USPS and shipping 

We can ship or mail to you or discreetly to your customer.

 When we ship to you we can include costs ect, but to your customer we can send without costs and invoicing. We auto do this when sending to your customers unless you request otherwise. We auto send invoicing when mailing to your shop or office unless requested. 

        Fee Delivery!

                          We charge $10. for local deliveries regardless of the quanity !

 But if we are Local to you we love to say ....  
Save a BUCK send your truck and
pick it up! Free pick ups !!
We offer 30 days on invoices if needed. 
We also offer discounts on quick pay like  2% 10 day, if you are on a 30 day plan.  

            We are here to help you!  

Free samples for your techs and Free training .

 We will provide all of your techs who sell a sample filter.  But I will on request come speak to your techs about our product and how to sell it and most importantly how to build value with it! This is something I have done for years and would be happy to help increase not only Our filter sales but your Policy sales as well as Building value in your unit sales! Looking forward to serving you!