Filters Fast 

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Filters Fast

  With 25 years in HVAC, we made Filters Fast to be an effective extention of your companies  product and services, Providing quality filters for you and your customers !

We are here for you! 

 We make 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 1&2 inch wide filters in Electrostatic, Aluminum washable and the Aluminum holding frame with the disposable pads. We can set you up with stock sizes that fit your common airhandlers for those emergency installs as well as custom sizes made with in 48 hours ! We have local Delivery , as well as shipping to your business or directly to the Job or home.
Welcome to Filters Fast!
 You can pick up your filter at our shop during office hours. We also offer a delivery to all local companies a $10 delivery charge is added to the invoice to cover Gas and the driver no matter how large or small the order is. We love the saying  if you are local " Save a Buck and send Your Truck and pick it up"! Especially if you need that filter ASAP! 
 We ship anywhere you need us to , we use USPS and UPS. We add the Shipping and Handling to the invoice for you. 
 You can order by phone or by Email. Email works best there are no waiting or busy phone lines . Your order is documented and easy to verify! We verify all emails in the morning after lunch and before we leave for the day.  

 We make filters 6 days a week and most orders we do with in 48 hours. Large orders do sometimes take longer . Standard sizes that you repeatedly use can be made for you as stock items that we replenish for you weekly or bi weekly to avoid rush orders and possibly a customer holding back payment for something as little as a filter! 
 Bottom line is we are here for you!
Welcome To Filters Fast !!