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Permanent and washable filters for all applications made just for you and your customers delivered or shipped or by pick up . We make them same or next day. 
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Custom Filters 

   Welcome all Gulf Breeze Customers
For 30 years Gulf Breeze Filter served this community. The owner Bill reached out to us in his last days and asked us to help his loyal customers by filling past orders and honoring past agreements he had made with you over the years. 
We understand how important this is for you to be able to complete your work  and keep your promises. We have twice as many builders on the floor as Gulf Breeze did and we are opening a second shift on week nights as well as a Saturday shift . 
Dont be fooled by just anyone who calls you . While you can use anyone you want , We are the only Company who legally obtained your records and were trusted with them. We are honored to serve you , and look forward to doing so for years to come. So call us today 941-242-2980 or Email us at [email protected] with your next order ! 
Welcome to Filters Fast LLC 

​"Were going to make you Happy!"
  1. Washable and Disposable Filters with Alluminum frames
    Washable and Disposable Filters with Alluminum frames
  2. Filtration at all levels including Carbon for Odor control
    Filtration at all levels including Carbon for Odor control
  3. Electrostatic Washables
    Electrostatic Washables
  4. Aluminum washable
    Aluminum washable

Sturdy aluminum frames made to size 

We make every size ! We make them Everyday! Pick up or shipped or mailed ! We even have limited local delivery! Our aluminum frames are 7 times more durable than the pleated throw away filters from the store. Our electrostatics have a five year warranty and our frame and disposable pad system is 1/2 to 1/3 the cost of store bought options! Easy to change pad system. And the electrostatic permanent filter requires a rinsing instead of throwing away!  Solve the odd size filter search or bring great value to your customers with a filter fast filter!

Over 25 years of experience in the AC trade 

Delivery, Shipping and Pickup available 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

7x sturdier than store bought Filters 

Aluminum Frames 

48 hour turn around on standard orders 

Carbon Pads for Odor control

Electrostatic Filtration 

Made right here in the USA

Bring added value to your unit sales 

Enhance the value of your unit sales ! Include a permanent filter or a frame and pad system. This is the only thing your customer really sees regularly with the purchase. To them its a Tstat and a filter. A good filter and a Good tstat can get you those referrals we all love and need . I know I have been there too! 

Bring added value to you preventive maintenance plans

Being in the AC trade for 25 plus years and a Florida state HVAC contractor I know how competitive this industry can be. Every bit of value we can bring to the table helps our bottom line. Our Frame and pad system is a great value to add to a yearly plan. It something they can touch and see and reminds them of you every month ! Not just when your tech shows up. Trust me it works!